Campaign for a good cause

Together we can take many little steps to do something good on the long-term: Donate a portion of your income, the bit which is behind the comma, or after the period if you are in the US. A donation is then between one and 99 cents! That doesn't hurt anyone. But all of the remainder cents (pennies) together result in a handsome sum and can do a lot for our project.

It's as easy as pie: Mutually make a decision between the head of your business and personnel departments. This cooperation model integrates well into your accounting; a Remaining Penny/Cent account is easily started. Then let all your employees know about what you did, pass out a declaration of acceptance, name the person with whom you are in contact, and then let it happen.

An especially motivating effect among colleagues is created when the company itself contributes a donation. These donations are of course tax deductible.

Being creative for a good cause

Creative fund raisers, benefit concerts, auctions or sport events: projects done together with colleagues, churches or in public activities promote team spirit and are fun. Their realization is also easy.

One can organize, for example, a soccer event or a company run. Entrance and registration fees and prize monies can all be donated. Inform your colleagues and other people you know about Medizinischen Nothilfe Albanien e.V and ask them to help out against hopelessness, poverty and illness. We happily offer advertisements, banner, scripts and photos to help you to share your interest.

As a business, you can support the efforts of your employees by supplementing the money they earned in their fund raising events.
This is a good motivator!

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