Rehabilitation centre

The Centre for Rehabilitation, Support and Inclusion

Today, in the progressing phase of Albania’s development, it is time to establish a Centre for Rehabilitation, Support and Inclusion, for the purpose of rehabilitation and support, and to serve as an education centre and role model. In the past years, Albania has shown itself to be striving for attaining standards of the European Union. Our rehabilitation centre is a pilot project; it serves to aid, strengthen and initiate. It serves the Albanian ambition to fulfil UN standards, and serves the affected people.

We offer working methods which inspire imitation. We set benchmarks in individual interaction with people affected by illness, disabilities and accidents. We offer grassroots education and training, to further a fundamental and nationwide change in health services.

It is our wish and goal to support people in their respective life situations after an accident, in case of illness and living with disabilities with careful but determined steps in such a way that their lives can change for the better. They are to be given opportunities to lead autonomous and socially respected lives according to their individual abilities.

A very basic principle for us in this transformation process is always the cultural, social, political and financial acceptance within Albania, and the possibilities intrinsic to the country.

Based on our aims, the following areas will be offered in our Rehabilitation Centre:
• Orthopaedics workshop
• Physiotherapy and massage practice
• Therapy and special needs area for people with disabilities
• Accessible work places for people with disabilities
• Training, education and adult education in medicine, therapy, nursing, therapeutic pedagogy and special needs education
• Individual and family counselling
• Public relations, speeches and conferences

For this, we intend to be proactive in our work at the Rehabilitation Centre. We want to make a sustainable contribution to fostering, within this group of people, a desire and an understanding for change within the Albanian health care system, inclusion, politics and society. Our long term intent, in the future, is for Albanians themselves to plan, develop and maintain a nationwide network of services for people in illness, with a disability, with special needs or recovering from an accident. In addition, we firmly support and strengthen a culture of interdisciplinary cooperation in Albania. Only once the disparate studies are able to start a dialogue on an equal footing, can a sensible and efficient support plan be developed in the interests and for the well-being of those seeking consultation.

A high quality education and training curriculum in Albanian language is a fundamental contribution to a nationwide network of various medical, therapeutic and therapeutic pedagogy services. It is vital to adapt this to the culture, finances and customs within the country, as well as strive for the Albanian government to officially recognise the education and adult education curricula.

It is our intent in the future to invest a great deal of energy and effort in this area. Step by step, we intend to develop and foster a plethora of education and adult education courses within the areas mentioned above. In accordance to our holistic approach, we will integrate the education and adult education curricula with theory and practice.