Orthopaedics workshop

In October 2005, after a year of preparation, the first nongovernmental orthopaedics workshop in Albania was inaugurated. Many patients have received an individually crafted prosthesis, orthosis or other adapted device. With each device, a new outlook on life is gifted. By now, small and grown-up patients from all over the country come to our centre for orthopaedics technique. The patients and their families receive hope and support.

In addition to the service to patients, the centre trains young Albanians as orthopaedics technicians, to improve the situation in the country in the long term.

Demand is increasing by growing numbers of patients and higher workload. A larger building is needed, to enable technician training and render services to patients without shortages. We wish to offer the possibility of medical-therapeutic counselling and support while staying as in-patient in our centre to the many patients who need to travel many hours to arrive.

With a one-time donation of 325 Euro for a lower leg prosthesis, you give a person back their mobility, so that they can take care of themselves and their family again.