Parents need to be very proactive to enable support and therapy for children who are affected by hemiparesis (weakness of one side of the body), cerebral palsy (movement problems) and many other illnesses and disabilities. Albania differs from Germany in this respect.

Physiotherapy (PT) in Albania is still in its development stage, and thus the services offered are limited. Sometimes, undertaking therapy for the duration of many years is a great challenge and almost impossible for the affected families. The closest PT offer may often be located hours or even days of travel from their home. Thus, we experience the greatest progress with children who have access to PT, and are offered a whole new perspective in addition to orthoses.

We are happy to be able to employ two trained physiotherapists in our PT department, and offer them further education. Our physiotherapists provide individual coaching to parents, so that the children can receive continuous therapy. Unlike in Germany, health insurance does not cover the necessary therapy. Only few families are able to pay the small symbolic price for the physiotherapy. Add your support!

Already with a small donation, you can make a big difference in a person’s life.